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Fail of the Week: How Not to Electric Vehicle
December 3, 2018  Dan Maloney

(flaming Disney prop)

video  dated
My first Tesla Battery Fire
Rich Rebuilds  Premiered Nov 23, 2018
Well I really did it this time boys, this is what thermal runaway on Tesla
18650 cells look like, remember, safety first

If you ever doubt the potential for catastrophe that mucking about with
electric vehicles can present, check out the video ... It shows what can
happen to a couple of Tesla battery modules when due regard to safety
precautions isn’t paid.

The video comes to us by way of (Rich), a gearhead with a thing for Teslas.
He clearly knows his way around the EV world, having rebuilt a flood-soaked
Tesla [
], and aspires to open an EV repair shop. The disaster stems from a novelty
vehicle he and friend (Lee) bought as a side project. The car was apparently
once a Disney prop car, used in parades with the “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride”
theme. It was powered by six 6-volt golf cart batteries, which let it
maintain a stately, safe pace on a crowded parade route. (Rich) et al would
have none of that, and decided to plop a pair of 444-cell Tesla modules into
it. The reduced weight and increased voltage made it a real neck-snapper,
but the team unwisely left any semblance of battery management out of the

You can guess what happened next, or spin up to the 3:00 mark in the video
to watch the security camera mayhem. It’s not clear what started the fire,
but the modules started cooking off batteries like roman candles. Quick
action got it pushed outside to await the fire department, but the car was a
total loss long before they showed up. Luckily no other cars in the garage
were damaged, nor were there any injuries – not that the car didn’t try to
take someone out, including putting a flaming round into (Lee)’s chest and
one into the firetruck’s windshield.

(Rich) clearly knew he was literally playing with fire, and paid the price.
The lesson here is to respect the power of these beefy batteries, even when
you’re just fooling around.
[© hackaday.com]

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