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EVfire: Mt.View-CA Tesla-X pack reignits 6Days later (v)

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% Pack reignition was 'Not' a Tesla (nor the EV at fault) issue, but an
unprepared nor EV trained FD staff. It is FD management's responsibility to
use the available free EV-education sources to ensure their staff is
throughly trained. %

Tesla Model X Battery Reignited Days After Fatal Crash
May 10, 2018  Brad Anderson


Tesla says Autopilot was on during deadly Mountain View crash

It has emerged that the battery pack of a Tesla Model X involved in a fatal
crash in March reignited six days after being extinguished.

On March 23, a Model X driven by a 38-year-old crashed into a safety barrier
on Highway 101 in California, killing the driver and destroying much of the
electric SUV. As it turns out, fire authorities had an exceptionally
difficult time controlling the subsequent fire.

KTVU 2 reports [
] that fire crews initially extinguished the blaze in a couple of minutes
but it then reignited multiple times over the next week.

“The battery began to overheat even though we had already cooled the battery
and it continued to reignite. We don’t have the tools to deal with a battery
that is completely, basically destroyed,” Mountain View Fire Chief Juan Diaz

“In this particular case, six days later, the temperature inside those cells
increased to the point of ignition. That’s why the car reignited. You have
stored energy that is frankly unstable.”

Firefighters around the world are being challenged by electric vehicles

The Tesla Model X, like many other electric vehicles, has a cut loop, or
kill switch, which can be severed by fire crews to stop the flow of
electricity in the battery. However, this safety device was destroyed in the
California crash, leaving authorities with no way to cut the power.

Diaz says that the battery was only declared safe two weeks later after the
NTSB and Tesla had de-energized it.

After the crash in California, Tesla issued a statement asserting that its
vehicles are much safer from fires than ICE cars.

“Tesla battery packs are designed so that in the rare circumstance a fire
occurs, it spreads slowly so that occupants have plenty of time to get out
of the car. According to witnesses, that appears to be what happened here as
we understand there were no occupants still in the Model X by the time the
fire could have presented a risk. Serious crashes like this can result in
fire regardless of the type of car, and Tesla’s billions of miles of actual
driving data shows that a gas car in the United States is five times more
likely to experience a fire than a Tesla vehicle.
[© carscoops.com]

Tesla battery reignited days after catching on fire in crash as NTSB ...
May 10, 2018  This time, they are mainly focused on “the emergency response
in relation to the electric vehicle battery fire” as we find out that
batteries from the other crash ...

'It's a challenge:' High-tech cars pose electrocution risk for firefighters
WPEC-8 hours ago  The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating
a serious crash and fire involving a Tesla electric car that claimed the
lives of ...

EVcrash: Tesla-X airborne, fiery fatality Sbound-US101 Mt_View-CA (v)
Tesla driver hospitalized after fiery crash on southbound Highway 101 Mar 23
2018 A Tesla was involved in a bad crash on southbound Highway 101 near
Highway 85 on Friday ...
Mar 23 2018

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