EVwarning: CA power-shutoffs/utility-blackouts coming (again)

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EVwarning: CA power-shutoffs/utility-blackouts coming (again)

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PG&E promises “smarter, smaller and shorter” power shutoffs in 2020
July 8, 2020  During a virtual Town Hall on Wildfire Preparedness ... a
representative from Pacific Gas and Electric promised this year’s round of
Public Safety Power Shutoffs would be “smarter, smaller and shorter.”  “We
will have an entirely different and better system in 2020 than 2019,” said
Matt Pender, director of the Community Wildfire Safety Program for PG&E,
explaining that the shutoffs would be “smarter because (to prevent our
website from going down again) we have upgraded to an entire new system;
smarter because we divided the grid into smaller sections to make sure only
the people who really need to be turned off because of high risk will be
turned off, and shorter because we doubled the amount of helicopters for
inspecting our lines, and added two aircraft with infrared cameras so we can
inspect our lines at night.” ... “In Lake and Mendocino counties we’ve had
the largest disasters in California ... urging everyone to practice
evacuations and heed all warnings to do so. “You’ll never go wrong if you do
CA utilities cut electricity again> fears more fires
Oct 23, 2019 ...
CA utilities cut electricity again> fears more fires
Oct 23, 2019

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