Electric Steering Solution Help?

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Electric Steering Solution Help?

Hello All,

I recently won an auction for a 2005 Equinox Steering Column with
Electrical Assist.  I am planning on using an electrical power steering
system on the new car I am building from scratch.  I have the wiring
schematics for this unit and have powered it up successfully. I tested
the motor by itself (disconnected from the control unit) and found it
to rotate the shaft perfectly when 12 VDC was applied directly to its
leads.  I then reconnected it, and powered the whole assembly up.  I
heard the internal power relay activate, but was not able to feel or
measure on a meter any assist by the motor when I manually turned the
steering shaft.

The fellow I won the item from has been very helpful, and has sent me
lots of tips and documentation.  He says that even though we are not
using the serial communications from the car's body control module, the
steering column should work in the default "Full Assist Mode".  Does
anyone care to offer any input on this?

I could build a circuit from scratch to control this motor, based upon
sense input from the torque sensors in the steering shaft, but would
like to avoid that if possible.

If this electrically assisted steering unit would not be a viable
solution, would the MR2 Unit be any different or better?  I TRULY want
to get away from using any type of hydraulic steering system.  It is SO
inefficient and messy.


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Re: Electric Steering Solution Help?

David Beard
Is the ignition switch on? allot of ignitions have various microswitches in the column...he controller might be waiting for a signal from one of these,

also I think there would be a tie in somewhere to a speed sensor as you would need less assist at higher speeds and full assist at zero speed-which might be tied to the shifter position (out of park)

just my thoughts...
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