Even w/ permission, expect dealerships to chase EVSE users away

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Even w/ permission, expect dealerships to chase EVSE users away

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Discriminated and Kicked out of Ford dealer for using Level 2 charger.Owner
responds on Google.
Jul 5, 2018  Battmobile

#1Battmobile, Today at 10:07 AM  Last edited: Today at 10:12 AM
Owner of Weikertford.com in Lake Wales FL kicked me out for using their
Level 2 charger after I had already received permission to use it from a

While visiting my parents I decided to visit the Weikert Ford dealer in Lake
Wales FL to see if any improvements had been made to the infotainment/
Navigation on the F-250. My parents had already bought two vehicles from
this dealer so I thought it could help negotiate a new truck to pull the new

As soon as I entered the showroom I quickly realized the tiny building
looked liked it was built in the 1920's to sell Model T cars and had zero
cars or space inside the showroom. Therefore, I decided against looking at
cars outside as summer heat temperatures were over 100 degrees in FL. I told
the salesperson that sold my mother two $80k trucks I just wanted to use the
restroom and charge my car.

30 minutes later as I sit in my car charging a pointless 10miles per hour
with the a/c on waiting for my mother to get out of her doctors appointment
I get approached by some 40 year old. I lower the window expecting him to
talk but he stares at me with his face turning red and head about to blow
up. I had no choice but to say famous last words according to him "Can I
help you" and just like that he said charging is for Ford cars only and
ripped out the charging cable without allowing me to disengaging the system.
The whole encounter lasted 5 seconds with me just having enough time to say
my family will never buy a car here again. For him to then trying to get my
families name which I refused to give.

I mentioned my family name on my Google review so I'm sure he's now aware my
family has purchased over 20 Ford trucks for the cattle ranch in recent
years from another Ford dealer to the south of Weikert Ford.

I can only explain what happened as discrimination against Tesla or my
ethnicity having Spanish parents driving a expensive Model S.

Last paragraph is the response from the owner below on my google review
going as far as asking me to pay to charge the car. And also saying some
people don't have to pay if he likes them.

I hope my complaint reaches Ford Motor Company and they put into place
policy and procedures that stop harassment and discrimination of electric
vehicle owners. Luckily for me I had over 200 miles of range before I
arrived at the Ford dealer. So I was able spend the rest of the day with my
mother before heading back to Tesla supercharger in Orlando. I can't imagine
how bad this would had been for a family that was on empty encountering this
Ford dealer and getting kicked out and being stranded on the road. I travel
for work and sometimes arrive early to meetings and sometimes stop at Level
2 chargers at car dealerships for no more then an hour. I've always been
treated kind and respectful and even get impressed by some of the new cars
they have in the showroom. So I know what happened at Weikertford.com in
Lake Wales FL was complete discrimination. Other google reviews for this
dealer also mention discrimination so I know I'm not the first to report it.

Response from owner Philip Weikert below from Google Reviews.

"Thank you for the review however, we would like to set the record straight.
As to your first comment about being the only charger before reaching
Orlando this is a bold face lie. There is a Public charger 2.6 miles closer
to your destination at the Kohl's Store. Perhaps if you had politely asked
if you could charge your vehicle or offered to pay you would not have had
this experience. Instead your attitude and smart comment of "Can I Help You"
didn't help your case either. We quite often allow people to charge their
vehicles even if they are not Ford's. However, they typically are very
courteous, just don't hook, and definitely don't just assume they can use
someone else's power for free. I'm sure if someone pulled in your driveway
and hooked up their car to your house you wouldn't be to fond of it with out
your permission. As to your comment about your family buying multiple
vehicles we have no record of such. We got your name off another review site
since you refused to give it. For the record in the next 2 years Ford will
have the most electrified car options in North America. As far as going
bankrupt we are far from it. We have been in business since 1971 and thanks
to our loyal customer base we have never been more financially sound. For
your last comment you weren't dealing with a sales manager. You were dealing
with me Philip Weikert the owner. I wish you the very best in your future
endeavors but please don't try to further yourself by libeling companies.
Philip Weikert"
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