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FW: Tuning in Solar and EV RFI (EVDL)

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How's AM reception on more recent EV?  On my 2004 Prius, AM was useless.

Anyone want to make an indepth report or provide a link?

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Subject: Tuning in Solar and EV RFI

I was wrong.  My Volt AM radio hears absolutely NO NOISE from the car
itself.  Amazing considering it is a 75 kW digital AM pulse transmitter
under the hood!

I tuned from 600 to 1700 MHz and heard at least one AM radio station on
almost all of the 110 channels except for about a dozen empty channels.

That's about 90% signals heard.  Compared to my 2004 prius, where I can tune
the same 110 channels and only hear about a dozen signals total due to the
high noise level caused by the Prius blocking out 90% of the weak signal

And remember, the BMW i3 EV doesn't even include an AM radio because they
did not want to have to respond to driver complaints as to why they could
not hear weak AM stations...

Wow, the Volt surprised me.

This means that I CAN use the car AM radio to kinda keep an ear out for
broadband Buzz from bad solar installations while I am driving around.

I want to begin to collect anecdoatal reports from anyone who thinks they
have done a good test of either their EV AM radio for cleanliness of the EV,
and then separately anechdotal results from driving near and around solar
installations and hearing noise.

I will collect it and put it on a web page:

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