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FW: twin, different motors?

Mike Willmon-3
Wow, so now I need a blower to drive my Pinto on the street?
Maybe I could get a hood scoop and drive a real supercharger to force cooling air into the motors ;-)

he he, an electric car with a blower,  how would I explain that at the track?

Maybe Banks would make me an intercooler package too...but I digress

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From: Jim Husted wrote:

> http://www.go-ev.com/motors-warp.html
> FWIW I did just read a news letter they put out
> suggesting that they don't recommend using dual 9's
> direct drive for dailies as the motors like the 2500
> to 3500 RPM range where the fan can keep temps in
> check.  To much stop and go city driving may overheat
> them.  If you can keep the motors above 2000 RPM's
> most the time you're golden.  If you like to creep and
> squeeze EVery last amp you might find you're actually
> frying your motors.  Just wanted to get that out to
> those who might consider going direct drive for daily
> driving.  Blower cooling can increase the duty cycle,
> to what exstent I'm sure varies.
> BTW you had "me" at wheelbarrow, LMAO! 8^)
> Hope this helps
> Jim Husted
> Hi-Torque Electric

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