Family found Tesla dead @airport> (main& 12V-aux battery ?bricked?) (v)

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Family found Tesla dead @airport> (main& 12V-aux battery ?bricked?) (v)

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This Is What Happens When Your Tesla's Battery Dies


My TESLA battery DIED!!!
I ran out of battery!! What do i do? Learn something new all the time when owning an electric vehicle. Still love it though:) ...

If you have an ICE car and leave it sitting around for days, weeks or months, it will have the same amount of fuel in it as when you left it. One Tesla Model S recently discovered that this isn’t the case with the electric sedan.

The owner of the Model S in question from the 'What’s Inside? Family' YouTube channel left his Model S parked at an airport for four days with 30 miles left on its range. However, when he and the family returned, the car’s battery was completely dead.

The solution? Calling a tow truck company and having the car towed back to his house where it could be charged.

Interestingly, Tesla does have a fall back if this happens to its owners. For those who own the pre-facelift Model S, the black front fascia can be removed to expose the positive and negative terminals for a small 12V battery. In theory, this battery can then be charged with jumper cables like any other car and ultimately power up the vehicle’s electronics, motors and battery pack.
What happens when you completely run out of battery in your Tesla Model S?
Jan 2, 2016 - Running out of battery power in a Tesla Model S rarely happens ... and energy by shifting the car into neutral before it's completely dead ...

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