Ford should rush-in &reap-havoc w/ an Escort Wagon EV

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Ford should rush-in &reap-havoc w/ an Escort Wagon EV

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Ford Should Make This Legacy Model Electric ASAP
2020-07-01 Ford could charge in and reap havoc by re-introducing an
all-electric version of the Escort Wagon. As the car market moves into the
all-electric space, there appears to be somewhat of a gap when it comes to
wagon options ...

Howard County Public School System is introducing two electric school buses
in a pilot program
July 1, 2020 ... project will continue through June 2021 ... two electric
buses will be rotated among bus routes to various schools, and the buses
will be made available for students’ use in energy research and conservation
projects. Data will be collected on energy use and efficiency, which BGE
will analyze ... performance in terms of peak load reduction, grid
balancing, battery resiliency and other factors ...

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