ForkenSwift retrospective: 6000 km later

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ForkenSwift retrospective: 6000 km later

Darin -@-
Hi, all,

Long time no post...

I'm surfacing to announce that the ForkenSwift marks its 4th re-birthday next week.  It has also just passed 6000 electric kilometers (~3700 miles).

(For those not familiar, ForkenSwift is a 48 volt, dirt cheap Geo Metro conversion made from used forklift and golf cart bits, which was inspired in no small part by, and constructed with virtual help from, members of the EVDL.)

In four years...

* It's been pretty darned reliable - averaging just one minor problem per year.

* It has been shown at several EV events, and has inspired several other low-budget conversions.

* Its average energy consumption (4 years) is 195 Wh/km, or 318 Wh/mile.  (After recently changing to LRR tires: 281 Wh/mile.)

* Despite it being a piece of junk, I still really enjoy driving it! I almost always choose the smooth, quiet & cool EV for local trips over a more comfortable & powerful ICE car.

* Rust has proven to be the car's nemesis (20 year-old econobox build quality & living in Ontario's rust belt).  If you travel on salt-free roads, count yourself lucky.

Those wishing to read a more fleshed out retrospective of these 6000 kilometers are welcome to stop by

And thanks once again to those list members who helped get the project off the ground & keep it going.