Free Auranthetic mini e-motorcycle/bike/scooter in Berkeley-CA

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Free Auranthetic mini e-motorcycle/bike/scooter in Berkeley-CA

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From Lawrence' post, I surmise the actual owner, Fred, can be contacted using what is at the bottom of

One of these was my first EV. In the 1970's fresh out of the Vietnam Era military service and back in the world (returned to the states, alive), I was young, trim, and svelte. I was tall&lanky (legs and arms way up in the air when riding this EV) but not too heavy for this e-motorcycle that was in my price range& new.

The parts came from Taiwan, but the U.S. home office was in L.A. A typical configuration was a low gearing: range 35 miles at 15 mph. But higher gearing gave a higher speed with a correspondingly lower range.

From my local dealer I purchased his dual motor configuration, that gave a top speed of 35 mph with only a 15 mile range. This configuration was special, and rare, but it gave me what I needed to get to College, then work, and home (to sleep, repeat) each day.

The e-bike had two group 27 12V marine lead-acid deep cycle batteries. I recommend using the longer lasting:

The on-board charger was only 7 Amp thus quite useless. I bought a Sears 12V 20A automotive charger

I took the low-tech transformer out of it, wired the center tap& secondary with two bridge rectifiers, & each to its own 12V battery. This allowed each battery to take or get the charge it needed rather than charging them in series. I sandwiched the transformer with two 12V muffin fans to keep it cool, as I was drawing more than the power rating of the transformer.

Each battery getting its own charge was especially important since the 3 position, two speed accelerator handle: either is off, uses one 12V battery, or both for 24V to the e-motor via a couple of solenoid relays. This means when riding, one battery gets used much more, so when it comes time for charging, each are at different SOC.

So remember, each Auranthetic may have its own gearing, thus top speed and range capabilities. But its on board charger should be replaced. If you plan to go cheap and keep it lead acid, you could use two of these 12V chargers:

 At 600W each, they would draw a total of 10A off a L1 120VAC outlet and you should be fully charged in a couple of  hours.

e-motors notoriously overheat and die on these. Here is a parts list and manual to explore:

Here are some listings on evalbum to compare:

And some links of people who have repaired and or modified them:

Here is an image of what it looked like fairly new:

[Interestingly, from that same show, the writer had an image of my Blazer EV (rip)

Here some more images to compare:

IMO probably the worst part was it came in only 1970s color: gawd-awful-orange

I suppose it could have been worse by being in the other other 70s color: puke green

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