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Don Davidson

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Sent: Saturday, August 18, 2007 5:50 AM
Subject: [EVDL] GM EV1

> Each Friday evening I show my EV's at a local "Cruise In" See
www.coppercitycruisers.org<http://www.coppercitycruisers.org/> &
> Last evening I had an interesting conversation with a gentleman who worked
many years ago at a Florida Saturn Dealership in the parts department. Says
he had the opportunity to drive a GM EV1 He enjoyed driving it. Interesting
comment he made. Claims he was paid a bonus for selling additional parts,
also claimed he lost money (no bonus) as there were no parts required to
replace on the GM EV1 when it came in for service. At most all the EV1
required when serviced was minor brake or alignment work...non of the
typical parts required to keep an ICE engine running  Definitely,  a loss to
the aftermarket parts supplier...EV's just do not require the maintenance
that a typical ICE requires!  I love it!  From the perspective of a car
owner-the basic reason why more EV's should be on the road! From the
perspective of the parts supplier, a definite reason to keep EV's from being
mass produced...............
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