GE dual-pack: hi-energy-Na+hi-power-Li = power+speed+20%-cost-cut

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GE dual-pack: hi-energy-Na+hi-power-Li = power+speed+20%-cost-cut

[image & video] GE Debuts Dual Battery Electric Bus of the Future
BY Ariel Schwartz [twit/arielhs]  Dec 2 2010
... GE's "electric bus of the future", a dual battery system on a hybrid
transit bus that cuts battery costs without sacrificing power and speed.

GE's dual battery system combines a a high-energy density sodium battery
with a high-power lithium battery. Combined, the batteries offer
plentiful energy storage and impressive acceleration--all while cutting
the overall battery costs by 20% (two smaller batteries are cheaper than
one big, powerful EV battery). Lembit Salasoo ... blog post:

A computerized energy management system splits up the vehicle’s power
needs between the two batteries with GE’s proprietary technology ...
you wouldn’t have to over-size your single battery to compensate for
more storage or power ... it's optimized for buses and trucks, which
require more stored energy and higher acceleration rates than consumer
vehicles ...
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[image] Doubling down: Many of the 843,000 buses registered in the U.S.
travel less than 100 miles per day. Making more of them all-electric
would dramatically reduce CO2 emissions and fuel use ...
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