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Florida's Hopeful EV From The 1970s Is a Fantastic First Car
Nov 27, 2017  Máté Petrány

animated .gif   YouTube / Simone Giertz;center,top&resize=768:*
The Citicar was America’s best-selling EV since 1945 until Tesla Model S
came along  / Flickr Steve Jurvetson via Wiki Commons

I just bought the most ridiculous car - 5:03
Nov 24, 2017 - Uploaded by Simone Giertz
I'M OBSESSED WITH MY ELECTRIC COMUTA CAR. All I want is to work on her. I
didn't know I liked cars ...

The cheese-shaped Sebring-Vanguard Citicar was an obvious choice for a first
car for Simone Giertz, Sweden's most famous robotics enthusiast.

If you don't know who Simone Giertz is, subscribe to her channel [
], and get your geek on. If, however, you're also not familiar with Commuter
Vehicles Inc.'s Comuta-Car, let me take you back to the '70s right away!

Inspired by contemporary golf cart designs and the challenges raised by the
first fuel crisis, the early 3.5-horsepower variant of the Citicar soon made
Florida's Sebring-Vanguard the sixth largest auto manufacturer by volume
after GM, Ford, Chrysler, AMC, and Checker. Talk about some crazy times!

Built around a tubular chassis and powered by a 48-volt battery pack, the
wedge-shaped Citicar soon evolved into a 6-horsepower monster, with Vanguard
building some 2300 units until 1977. The design was then purchased by
Commuter Vehicles Inc., who upgraded it further, launching the resulting
machine as the Comuta-Car.

Before that transaction was complete, Vanguard also made an
extended-wheelbase variant called the CitiVan. But it was Commuter Vehicles
who finished the job, launching the 1979 Comuta-Van with swing-out side
doors and a hatch back window, as well as a Postal Comuta-Van with sliding
side doors.

To meet goverment standards for a USPS contract, Commuter Vehicles created a
real beast with the latter. The Postal van was not only longer at 142
inches, but more powerful as well, hiding a 12-horsepower motor connected to
a 3-speed transmission and a 72-volt battery pack.

Simone's first car may only be one of the less powerful civilian
Comuta-Cars, but it sure is the perfect first car for San Fransisco—as long
as she keeps going downhill, and downhill only. Cheese Luise also happens to
be very safe, sporting a 4-point harness, a hairy-chested parking brake, and
the most advanced rear crash structure known to men in 1979. Supposedly.
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Simone Giertz - Posts  · November 24 at 11:04am ·. I might have just bought
one of the world's most ridiculous cars. I call her Cheese Louise, because
she looks like a cheese wedge (and runs about as well as one too). I'M
OBSESSED! Just posted a video about it, link in the comments 🧀. Image may
contain: 1 person, outdoor.
Simone Giertz - I might have just bought one of the world's most ridiculous
cars. I call her Cheese Louise, because she looks like a cheese wedge (and
runs about as well ...
Simone Giertz bought a Sebring Vanguard
Nov 24 2017
A Citicar by the side of a modern all-electric Tesla Model X (right).
Accounting all variants, the Citicar had the record for most production of
electric cars from an American manufacturer since 1945 until surpassed by
the Tesla Model S ...
Mythbusters race each other on pEVs in Golden Gate Park Polo Field SF-CA (v)
 ... Machine VLOG Simone Giertz ... I built an alarm clock that wakes me up
in the morning by slapping me in the face with a rubber arm. I picked apart
a clock, wired it to an Arduino UNO and controlled a 165 rpm brushless DC
motor through a relay.  If you peeked your head in at the Polo ...
Oct 28, 2016

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