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Having it both ways

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I quit posting  on  the EVDL list sometime ago when I understood my  
work with ClipperCreek CS 100 units to charge Tesla Model  S cars here  
in Hills, MN, did not fit the rules.

Being born in 1941, I too have concerns about the downside of Tesla  
"ownership', but I bought a Model 3 since I can write it off with my  
business and I can charge it off my tracking solar PV system. I am  
equally concerned about the planned obsolescence engineered into  
modern ICE cars and the cost and availability of parts and mechanics  
in the future, Therefore, I also drive a 1929 Model A Ford tudor. I am  
not a mechanic, but I can fix it, I own it, it s basic and parts are  
readily available. Five million were made so old and new parts are  

As a foot note, I own a 1928 Model A Sport Coupe converted to electric  
on a 2001 S !0 running gear. In the future i hope to give it a modern  

Ron Solberg
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