Hertz renting Smart, Leaf, Coda EVs starting Dec 15 2010 in NY, SF, DC

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Hertz renting Smart, Leaf, Coda EVs starting Dec 15 2010 in NY, SF, DC


[image & video] Electric car rentals start next week  Hertz starts EV
car-sharing programs in New York, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.
I take the vehicles for a spin  jimmotavalli.com  Dec 07 2010
GREEN WITH ENVY: Tesla's EV at the Hertz party. (Photo: Jim Motavalli)
TIMES SQUARE — ... Next week. Electric car rentals — first in New York,
followed Washington and San Francisco. London and maybe Beijing will be
next in line ... Hertz is going to make the Tesla Roadster ... available
only to prestige collection rental customers at a $100-a-day price. The
Nissan Leaf will be $7 an hour in the car-sharing program, is impressive,
quiet, comfortable, sophisticated, bristling with high-tech aids to help
with charging and plug-in connectivity ... The Coda, which has been
delayed until the second half of 2011 ... the company hasn’t gotten
through crash testing yet ... The two selling points are extended
battery range of 120 miles ... and onboard battery heating and cooling,
which should extend the life of the pack ... Coda has been doing fairly
well with fleet sales ...
[Copyright © 2010 MNN Holdings, LLC. All Rights Reserved. ]
[image] Hertz will rent electric Smart car fortwo  Dec 6 2010 ...
Hertz Corp. said it planned to offer the Smart fortwo [EV] ... in
three metropolitan areas starting ... as part of the Connect by Hertz
car-sharing program in New York later this month. It is part of an effort
by Hertz to offer a variety of electric and plug-in hybrids worldwide.
Later, it will be available ... in Washington, D.C., & San Francisco
... Hertz says it has ordered vehicles from Nissan, GM, Toyota, smartUSA
and Mitsubishi [© 2010 American City Business Journals, Inc.]
Hertz to Rent Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Vehicles
By Pure Green Cars on 12/06/2010
... Connect by Hertz is a pay-as-you go car membership club that goes
by an hourly rate that includes fuel, insurance, navigation and more.
The smart fortwo electric drive will be available for rent through
Connect by Hertz car sharing in New York City beginning December 15.
... The smart fortwo electric drive vehicle is ... powered by a 30 kW
drive magneto-electric motor and 16.5 kWh lithium-ion battery from Tesla
Motors Inc.. Using a 220V outlet, it takes only three and a half hours
to charge the battery from 20 to 80 percent of its capacity and less
than eight hours to fully charge it ...
[image] Electric smart to Rent Through Hertz
6th of Dec 2010  Daniel Patrascu
... The fortwos are powered by a 30 kW magneto-electric motor installed
at the rear which provides a torque of 120 Nm at the first turn of the
wheel. The unit enables the tiny vehicle to accelerate from naught to
sixty in 6.5 seconds, just as fast as the petrol model ... The 16.5 kWh
[Tesla-sourced lithium-ion] battery allows for a maximum range of 135km
(83 miles).
Dec 08, 2010  Hertz offering $6 hourly rental fee for electric Smart
... That's a buck an hour cheaper than renting Nissan Leaf or
Mitsubishi i-MiEV ... The hourly pricing is what you get with membership
in the Connect by Hertz program -- a monthly fee that gets you access to
cars by the hour ... Where to recharge? At first, the Hertz rentals will
come with lists. Eventually, the Hertz-supplied navigation systems will
include charging stations ...
-- James R. Healey/Drive On  [Copyright © 2010 USA TODAY]



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