JLR's $etback$ kills Jaguar E-Type0 R&D> a huge shame

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JLR's $etback$ kills Jaguar E-Type0 R&D> a huge shame

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Jaguar Pulls The Plug On Electric E-Type
2019-12-01  MARTIN BIGG



Plans to build the Jaguar E-Type Zero have been halted.

Back in 2017, Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works unveiled the exquisite E-Type
Zero concept [
]. Based on the original 1960s E-Type Series 1.5 Roadster, the roadster was
converted into a fully electric sports car concept for the 21st century. The
result was one of the most beautiful electric cars ever made and was even
faster and lighter than the original model.

Replacing the original E-Type's straight-six was an electric drivetrain
developed by Rimac [
] featuring a 40kWh battery providing a 175-mile range a 295-hp electric
motor. On the outside, the E-Type Zero has been modernized with LED
headlights, and the interior has been upgraded with a modified
instrumentation panel and an optional touchscreen infotainment system.

Reactions to the concept were so positive that Jaguar announced plans to put
the all-electric E-Type into production last year [
] with components shared with the Jaguar I-Pace. It was going to be sold
either as a standalone electric car or allow owners to convert their classic
E-Type using a conversion kit. First deliveries of the Jaguar E-Type Zero
were slated to start in 2020. Unfortunately, these plans have now been

As reported by Electrek, Paul Hegarty, a manager for Jaguar Land Rover
Classic, has been contacting customers who expressed interest in the E-Type

"I am contacting you as you were one of the first to express interest in the
all-electric Jaguar E-type Zero. It is with regret that I inform you that we
have taken a difficult decision to pause the development of the production
vehicle for the time being," Hegarty wrote.

"While we look forward to bringing this innovative vehicle and technology to
our customers in the future, for now we are focusing our resources on the
next generation of world-class Classic products and services." While the
project hasn't been cancelled, it seems unlikely that the E-Type Zero will
enter production given Jaguar Land Rover's recent financial setbacks, which
is a huge shame.

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Jaguar halts plan for electric E-type Zero
Nov. 26th 2019  

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