L3-under-test bang/burst EVSE front panel off in N.Canterbury .nz> none hurt

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L3-under-test bang/burst EVSE front panel off in N.Canterbury .nz> none hurt

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Electric vehicle stations being tested after explosion in North Canterbury
Nov 25 2019  Emma Dangerfield

[images  / TONY REEVES
The explosion caused the aluminium front panel to burst off

No-one was hurt when the explosion happened at the Amberley EV charging
station, but a car was damaged

Four electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across New Zealand have been
closed for "testing and diagnostics" after an explosion in North Canterbury.

The incident damaged a vehicle and emitted a loud bang across the town of
Amberley about 6pm on Friday.

A vehicle was disconnecting from the ChargeNet station when it "blew apart",
a Fire and Emergency New Zealand (Fenz) spokesman said.

Fire investigator Jason Hobbs said initial findings suggested there was a
fault within the charging unit that caused its aluminium front panel to
burst off, creating a "loud bang".

The panel flew into the car it was charging. The car was damaged at the
front, but no-one was injured.

A ChargeNet spokeswoman confirmed on Monday that stations in Nelson,
Palmerston North and Beach Rd, Auckland, had all been taken offline for

It was hoped this was a one-off situation but the safety and security of
customers was of paramount concern, she said.

ChargeNet NZ has about 68 charging stations across New Zealand. Its Rapid DC
Chargers recharge electric vehicles within 30 minutes.

WorkSafe is also investigating.
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'Loud bang', car damaged as EV charging station explodes in North Canterbury
Nov 24 2019  Initial findings suggested there was a fault within the
charging unit ...
Brackenfields Shopping Centre, 123 Carters Road, Amberley 7410, New Zealand,
ChargeNet Charging Station [ (map)
Brackenfields Shopping Centre
CCS/SAE, CHAdeMO  ChargeNet 50 kW

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