LA-CA's WOLFPACK 901_ drivetribe (car-club) member's Porsche EV is not a Nazi

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LA-CA's WOLFPACK 901_ drivetribe (car-club) member's Porsche EV is not a Nazi

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'Tesla learns how to be a German automaker'
Is this electric Porsche a Nazi?
20170505  ImmoralMinority


A Nazi environmentialist is something that can only exist in LA.
And by the way, even if we put the killing of the Jews aside (admittedly hard to do) [WTF] is more disturbing than a plug-in 911, an air cooled car beloved for its pure embrace of gas, spark, and air?
Only in LA.

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DC3 LS, really really wants ...
ImmoralMinority  5/06/17 10:39pm

Not a nazi. Quick google showed it’s a drivetribe centered on air cooled 911s.

Not every Teutonic looking eagle is a nazi :)
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Environmental Nazi
"The Soup Nazi" is the 116th episode of the NBC sitcom Seinfeld, which was the sixth episode of the seventh season. It first aired in the United States on ...
Tesla learns how to be a German automaker
May 9, 2017 ... Tesla Grohmann Automation, a medium-sized automated production line builder in Pruem, a small town in the state of Rheinland-Palatinate ... acquired ... last year, paying $150 million in cash ... Musk's firm had used Grohmann as a supplier; it has many others in Germany, because there's no way to make a luxury car without German inputs ...

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