Lithium vs Lead (was: Battery prices)

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Lithium vs Lead (was: Battery prices)

Adrian DeLeon
> Why is a 50 Amp-Hour Lithium pack the same as a 100 Amp-Hour Lead  acid?

The following factors ALL add up to more useable AHr from a Li battery:

1) Smaller size/lighter weight (takes less AHr to move your EV)
2) Will survive higher Depth Of Discharge than lead (90%DOD for Li, 50%DOD  
for Pb)

The only serious unknown at this point is calendar life. Older Li  
batteries only lasted 3-5 years no matter how gently they were treated.  
The newer ones supposedly last 10+ years, but they haven't been around  
that long ;) At $1,500 for a pack of PbA batteries, the Li version better  
last 5x as long to make it worthwhile.

I still don't think I'd risk running them without a BMS. A Zilla  
controller can keep you from over-discharge with the low voltage cutoff,  
but I wouldn't trust an $8,000 battery pack to "I think it'll trickle  
charge OK". If it was that easy then you'd see such systems from Tesla, AC  
Propulsion, Phoenix MC, etc.

I'd change to Li just for #4. My range is about 1/2 normal lately due to  
near freezing temps. All this talk about affordable ($8,000 for me) Li is  
making me anxious for my current pack to die!


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