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Low cost EV's, ]was D&D ES-31B 72-144


          Hi Pete and All,

             Reading your recent posts I see you are not
adverse to used equipment so I'd go find a surplus, used
forklift, other series motor of 125+ amps or 2 smaller ones.
These can be found for a couple hundred each or even less
depending on how good a story you can spin. Or call Jim
Husted for what he has hanging around, EV for sale list,
surplus sites, ect.
             Also why 144vdc battery pack? That leads to
much higher costs and not needed, 72-120vdc should do fine
depending on what you want, need to do with it.
              Just what performance, range, speed you want?
What does the 510weigh?.
              I'd leave out the clutch, just coupling the
motor shaft to the trans input shaft. You could mount the
motor to 2 3" alum angles, center the shaft, drill mounting
to bell housing and you are hooked up for under $100 using a
drill and a saw with a carbide blade!!  You won't be able to
shift fast but on EV's you rarely need to shift except maybe
steep hill starting and freeway speeds.
              As for controllers, a contactor controller,
CC, can give you great power at low costs, under $100 for
72vdc with 5 speeds with surplus or homemade contactors.
             For 72vdc you can convert older Ferro style
36vdc GC battery chargers to 72vdc using dead chargers to
convert. 2 could charge a 144vdc pack.
              If a 55 mph EV can do you, it's hard to beat
converting a VW Bug for low costs.
                                   Jerry Dycus

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Subject: Re: [EVDL] D&D ES-31B 72-144 VDC Motor (SepEx)
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 12:04:19 -0800

>Thank you. I must say I no longer have that old Datsun 411.
>I sold it   for what I purchased it for. I now have a 72
>Datsun 510 with a 5   speed.  Well with what you said I may
>just stick with series and get   one with a dual end shaft
>and run 144 volts and forgo regen and   upgrade the brakes
>all the way around. Might just be better and more  
>affordable option for now. Can you use a series wound motor
>to help   stop the car without having regen? Questions
>Questions Questions.
>The guys at e-volks do adaptors but without flywheel and
>clutch. I am   so at odds on what to do! On one side I get
>a decent price for an   adaptor and on the other side I get
>the safety benefits of the clutch   and flywheel and the
>smoothness of shifting but the high cost of the   adaptor
>for this motor. I'd like to use the flywheel and clutch but
>  getting one from what I have read will cost almost as
>much as the new   motor I am thinking of buying. Grrrrr.
>:  )
>On Nov 29, 2007, at 11:14 AM, jerryd wrote:
>>          Hi Pete, Phil and All,
>>              Up until a few yrs ago D+D was ADC!!! They
>> sold the 8" and up lines to a european company who is now
>>              ADC. D+D now makes 6.7" motors to order in
>> sex-ex, shunt, series in various lenghts to whatever
>> controller you have, especially Altrax, Sevcon for
>>              Sep-Ex/Shunt. The ES=31 which is series
>> wound the same base motor Killacycle uses 2 of and good
>> for about a 2klb EV unless it's a low drag one.
>>              I'm getting ready to mount mine in the
>> Freedom EV, working on the rear suspension to mount it to
>> now. Future version will have 2 ES-21 wired in
>> series/parallel for extra starting torque, longer highway
>>               speed capacity. If you want Pete ,you can
>> use 1 series ES31 and a EX31 Sep-Ex coupled together to
>> get good starting torque, highway speed with regen for a
>> bargain price. You'll have to limit you battery pack to
>> 72vdc nom as regen at higher voltages is rather hard on
>> the brushes, com. But you can put in 2 packs for range.
>> Or do 2 series like Killacycle and burn some rubber!!
>>               They can be ordered with double shafts
>> easily, just ask and it takes them 3-7 days to build your
>> motor last time.
>>               Their main business now is hotrod or
>> replacement golfcart motors but are good people, listen
>> to them!!
>>               One ES-31 could work in your 411 Datsun if
>> you shift a lot and don't push too hard. 2 ES21's or 31's
>> would work well to very well.
>>                                     Jerry Dycus
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>> Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 09:43:11 -0800
>>> The advertised motor is a series wound but the company
>>> will sell it   to you in SepEx format if you want. I
>>> just put that there so you guys   would know that is
>>> what I was thinking to put in so I could do regen.   I
>>> am going to assume that most here would discourage me
>>> from doing regen. I was thinking that the curtis 1231
>>> would be the proper choice   that does work. The length
>>> of that motor should be just fine. I had   that old
>>> Baldor and it was stuffed into that old Datsun 411 and
>>> fit   just fine. I think this motor will fit with out
>>> problem using a   clutch set up or not.
>>> Now, how about those using this motor, how reliable is
>>> Pete
>>> : )
>>> On Nov 29, 2007, at 9:06 AM, (-Phil-) wrote:
>>>> Well if it is series-wound, then none of what I said
>>>> about sepex   applies.  I
>>>> didn't attempt to verify the claims of the website
>>>> selling this   motor which
>>>> labels it "separately excited", but of course it is
>>>> possible they   could have
>>>> accidentally described it as such.  I'd call the
>>>> manufacturer first.
>>>> -Phil
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>>>> Subject: Re: [EVDL] D&D ES-31B 72-144 VDC Motor (SepEx)
>>>>> Hi, I think this is really a series motor. Reason why
>>>>> is e-volks   uses the
>>>>> same motor in KIT 3 and claim it is a series motor.
>>>>> Here is a the controller
>>>>> you want to use Curtis Controller 1231C (144 volts DC
>>>>> at 400   amps) . Even
>>>>> a
>>>>> seller of the motor at
>>>>> http://www.beepscom.com/category_s/41.htm   lists it
>>>>> as
>>>>> series motor and says it is not sepex. If in doubt
>>>>> just give a   call to
>>>>> seller or even better call the company D&D at  Phone:
>>>>> 315-701-0635   as they
>>>>> make it. If you need a cheap coupler  and don't want
>>>>> to use clutch   with
>>>>> that
>>>>> motor you could call 801-628-6509 as they could
>>>>> probably make it   for you
>>>>> for
>>>>> under $250. I believe all you have to do is mail the
>>>>> clutch plate   from
>>>>> your
>>>>> vehicle to them. The clutch plate is that thing that
>>>>> has the teeth   that
>>>>> mates to transmission shaft. All you'd have to figure
>>>>> out is the   correct
>>>>> spacing and get a motor adapter plate to the
>>>>> transmission. If you   want to
>>>>> know how to wire up this motor for series, then simply
>>>>> look at   this pic as
>>>>> it shows how at
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