MotorWeek sez an ice that 'gives you that Tesla like feel ...'

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MotorWeek sez an ice that 'gives you that Tesla like feel ...'

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I like to watch the icehead show MotorWeek to see when they review a plugin,
or in this case, MotorWeek 3712

 ... which didn't have any plugin reviews, but did have two plugin items
used/snuck in to that episode.

At the end of their intro, a series of quick 1 second shots showing
interesting ice bits, had a close up of human hand plugging in a j1772 into
an EV's L2 port.

Then near the end of the show when reviewing another ice, MotorWeek
described the interior of the ice positively by saying 'gives you that Tesla
like feel' ... Their meaning the ice's dashboard cluster and infotainment
system was to be admired like a Tesla's.

I found it interesting that more and more plugin terms, features, and other
bits are working their way into even the ice-heads' world.

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