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Nice motor at surplus center

Travis Gintz
I was looking around for motors, and found a motor at Surplus Center,
and found this for $230 + $32 shipping:

I called Advanced DC, and they said Its electrically equivalent to the
K99-4003 motor, but has some mechanical differences. It looks like the
K99 doesn't have a mounting base plate. Its face mounted. Also, the
shaft is different, its stepped. If you know someone that can press
them out, or if you can cut it shorter and use as is, it shouldn't be
a big deal. Those are the two differences. Its a 6.7" Diameter, about
11.5 inches long, and its 48-96V. I'm using it for a motorcycle, but
it might work on a small car.

I ordered two, and Jim Husted said he'd put in another shaft if it
needs it. Its also got a bigger brush size than the smaller motors,
but its still not as big as 2 brushes like in the 8 brush motors. Its
in between.

Hope someone can use one of these, the K91 is almost $700 at other
places. I got two last week, and they're purty. Hooked a 12V up to one
of them and it purred. If anyone needs the datasheets, let me know. I
have the drawings of the motors, and the torque curves at 72 and 96.

update on my project: I got the motors (using one in each of my
VFR700F's, new frame is on its way to swap out (So I can title it),
the PDA interface to the Synkromotive controller is working, and my
charger is almost finished.
Travis Gintz
1986 Honda VFR DC conversion

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