OT mpge standards downgrade> ?Which countries& U.S. states will it affect?

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OT mpge standards downgrade> ?Which countries& U.S. states will it affect?

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% This post is marked as OT, please minimize political discussions on the evdl ...
The items below are from the last 5 hours only (at the time of this posting). The subject has been thrown around for weeks but now is when Fed decisions/action will be taken ... How it all will work out or affect EV sales, we will have to see ...
IMO we are in for a long fight, just like in the late 1990's and 2000's ... %  
MAR 16 2017 ... Rolls Back Obama-Era Fuel Economy Standards
In recent months, General Motors CEO Mary Barra has said the automaker "remains committed" to adding more plug-in hybrids and battery-electric vehicles ...

March 15, 2017  Reopens Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Standards Review .... asking the LA Board of Supervisors to commit to more aggressive purchases of electric vehicles ...

15 March 2017  to shelve fuel mileage rules, inviting a fight with California
The move attacks ... the future of electric vehicles, which the mileage rules have pushed the ...

2017/03/16  CAFE review: Automakers, be careful what you ask for ... easing the CAFE standard ... that would harm the impetus for electric vehicles just as EVs are approaching ...

Automakers cheer Trump's review of fuel economy rules
March 16, 2017  ... Gas prices have been lower than forecast for years, and demand for electric ...

California Wants to Hire EPA Staffers Who Are Sick of Trump
MAR. 16, 2017 ... of Transportation's fuel efficiency standards, and lawmakers in California are poised to fight if ... wind, and natural gas now comprising a majority of electricity generation.

Chicago among 30 cities seeking electric vehicles to defy Trump emissions review ...
20170316 ... some cities are asking about vehicles that don't exist yet, such as electric fire engines and heavy-duty trucks ... "We really want to send a message that there is a growing market for electric vehicles -- regardless of what is happening in D.C." ...

Motor Mouth: Trump's fuel economy changes could be disaster for Canada ... automakers receive for the electric vehicles they do manage to sell ... possible chaos is that California has been given special dispensation — because Los Angeles’ smog was so bad in the 1970s — to create its own regulations for what is otherwise a federal mandate ...

% (There are so many more of these if you care to wade into the media's muck& mire) %

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