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OT: status> the newswires are changing, & $till being manipulated

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[The following has OT items and some of my opinions. On OT topics, as described by the evdl.org charger evdl members voted for, please use OT to preface your specific topic if you pick out pieces/paragraphs/sections to comment on.

Qualifier: For those that do not know what I have been doing for free since the 1990's to help the plugin community, I pay for news searches and also manually search the newswires for EV, and plugin related topics (very time consuming) to post on the evdl.org for the plugin community to read and disseminate.

Though much of my work has been lost over the years, there are still a few ol'-timers around that remember the early days of the Internet when the evdl was created, just for said purpose. I post these not only as a service (so you do not have-to do the searches), but also the Internet is constantly being white-washed/sanitized which takes off old newswires, so the EV-history has now been cleansed, and the advertizing automakers can say what they want with less contradictions.

I have no stocks or any other investment$ in any companies, my work is free (nonprofit), though you will see what I have found picked up and reused/repurposed by others that are in the biz (they make $, I do not), I drove an EV conversion for 15+ years back before their were the production EVs or public EVSE of today, etc. So, I have about 24+ years of EV experience when I state an opinion ... Those wanting to read my work can see the links at the bottom of my posts.

Recently (over the last couple of weeks), the automakers that are pushing fcvs, spending money to provide copy to the media outlets so as to get their word out (anti-EV, HEY! Look at our fcvs, etc.).

I am not going to provide the links to their newswires, as chemical-fuel consuming vehicles do not need my help to promote them (the automakers are already spending $M's doing that). Note: whatever EV/plugin-competition vehicle being promoted, will steal away the attention of the public in considering a plugin purchase.

Key points to note on the EV-history timeline:

-Though TMC sez 2016 is when their fcvs will be available, they have stated $63k is the starting price. Note that is lower than the new cost of the lowest priced Tesla-S trim. And also note that automakers have been touting fcvs 'are just around the corner' for years, so do not be surprised if their actual release to the public date is pushed out yet again, like after a Presidential election (hint, hint, wink, wink, etc.).

-Several other automakers are using this week to also state they-too will have fcv's, but with no price, nor actual release-date stated.

-Almost all newswires use common wording (likely copy provided by the automakers) that have  'electric vehicle'  and or  ' electric car' in it. While most do not say their fcv is an EV, those words are thrown in so as to make their newswires be found on news searches (I do it for free, other people search for investment info, etc.).

-Some interesting playing with the wording is happening: while none of the fcv newswires mention the h2 comes from cheap natural gas, and no one is saying what is done with the gunk left over after the h2 extraction/reforming, they are touting some electric-only mile ranges (~30+ miles), because the fcvs have a small li-ion pack (not unlike a plug-in-hybrid).

 Even some wording that the puny-pack is a range-extender: 'with a combination of a hydrogen fuel cell and a range-extending lithium-ion battery'

-The few natural-gas/cng newswires of last week also using EV, etc wording have died away (for now). But only point out their are $M being spent to dilute the public's attention away from plugins. Automakers get no-credits for selling cng-cars, so it is an obvious automaker/oil-company ploy to promote cng (when there are few production cng cars available).

-Same as the EVSE newswires are out ('Hey! we have a charging spot-too', etc.), now both h2 refueling company self-promotion newswires, and 'The-future-is-coming' newswires stating h2 stations will-be built for the 'coming' h2 fcvs (which are really equivalent to natural-gas using/burning old-school hybrid vehicle: using a fossil chemical fuel, with a few Electric components so automakers can confuse the public by touting fcvs as electric, etc.).

-'5minute refueling time' is still the big fcv wording push, but the future TMC fcv mentioned above only has a 300mi h2-range. That translates to more than 5min when you have to wait in the queue at what few h2 stations there will be, and 300mi is not that great an increase in range compared to Tesla-S 85kWh (265mi) EV
(just enough of an increase to get CARB's 7 credit per vehicle approval).

-None of the chemical-refueling cost$ of fcvs are ever mentioned in the newswires (as in no price is set yet). I hope that when they do, they had better put in terms the public will understand and use to compare running co$t$.

Those are just a few of the items I am seeing as I wade through the newswire cesspool mire/muck.

What newswires I post are the EV or plugin related items. I do not have $M's like automakers or oil companies, just what time on Earth I have left :-)

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