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OpenEVSE Build Day - Success!

Tom Keenan
We had a very successful OpenEVSE Build Day thanks to Chris Howell, the
designer of OpenEVSE Project, Mike O'Connell of O'Connell Volvo for
graciously letting us use the shop space for building up the kits, and to
all the builders and mentors at the EBEAA EVent last Saturday!


Our three-hour meeting ended up in overtime, but overall we were quite
successful with six OpenEVSE units built and tested, and two others needing
a minor amount of work to be complete. Scott Cornell tested all the units
with a modified J1772 to 14-50 adapter - all the tests, including the
old-style 'fan test' worked like a charm! He even tested a resurrected Avcon
EVSE that had been upgraded with a modern Yazaki-style (J1772) plug.  Bruce
Parmenter was there to share his wisdom, and help out with the Build Day.


There were a couple of items left at the Build Day - a black jacket, and a
clear plastic cover for one of the OpenEVSE's built. If these items belong
to you, please contact me off list so I can send them your way.


In addition, if anyone in the Bay Area needs help with building or
completing an OpenEVSE Project, just let me know.


Regards from Alameda!


Tom Keenan




East Bay Electric Auto Association


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