Parking is a nightmare at Tesla sites

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Parking is a nightmare at Tesla sites

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% IMO nothing new, parking has been an issue at Tesla sites for a long time (see below) %

April 12, 2017  Janine De la Vega

This unfortunate parking situation in the Tesla employee parking lot in Fremont, Calif. was captured and posted to Instagram on Feb. 2, 2017. (Photo by TeslaParkingLot/Instagram)




The parking at Tesla headquarters in Palo Alto and the Tesla Factory in Fremont is being described as a nightmare by some who work there. (Photo by TeslaParkingLot/Instagram)

FREMONT, Calif. (KGO) -- The parking at Tesla headquarters in Palo Alto and the Tesla Factory in Fremont is being described as a nightmare by some who work there. It's so bad, one employee has even started an Instagram account to show how bad it has gotten.

"Anything goes" seems to be the motto when you look at some of the pictures of cars parked at Tesla's factory in Fremont. Hopping a curb to park is no problem. So is blocking other cars in to make your own spot.

One Prius [hev] driver cheated and parked in an electric vehicle spot. The driver even put the charger in the gas tank to try to fool people.

"It's pretty crazy with a lot of different stuff," Tesla employee Alex said.

An employee who wants to remain anonymous started an Instagram account to document the craziness.

PHOTOS: Terrible park jobs at Tesla parking lot
Cars are parked in like sardines. There's even a picture posted of a nasty note on a car, threatening to slash tires because of how the driver parked.

To help out the 6,000 workers there, Tesla added two overflow lots that shuttle employees.

"Since they opened the south lot and north lot, it's a little bit easier because they have a shuttle that comes every 10 minutes so you can park in here and take a shuttle to go over there," employee Minhazur Rhman said.

At the headquarters in Palo Alto, parking is also a problem. Fire officials say in the last year, it's gotten worse. It's a concern because the fire department has access to the front of the building, but that's it.

Tesla employees say Elon Musk put out a memo that says he is working on an electric pod car rollercoaster that would connect to all the parking lots so that employees could travel around the campus faster.

"That sounds exactly like Tesla and it sounds like Elon. He comes up with those creative ideas so if it works and it goes together, then yeah great," Alex said.

Tesla says it is planning for future growth at its factory location. The city approved a plan which includes expanded shuttle routes to connect Tesla employees to mass transit.

Parking described as nightmare by some #Tesla employees in Fremont. Instagram pics @teslaparkinglot show craziness. Story-5 & 6 #ABC7now pic.twitter.com/06tStsmvtH
— Janine De la Vega (@JanineDLV) April 12, 2017
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