Polizei.ch Tesla-X patrol-EV fleet touted as largest

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Polizei.ch Tesla-X patrol-EV fleet touted as largest

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Largest fleet of Tesla police patrol vehicles start hitting the roads
Apr. 27th 2019  Fred Lambert




A fleet of Tesla Model X vehicles has been converted to police patrol
vehicles in Switzerland and it is finally going into operation after being
held up over data security concerns.

It can raise some eyebrows when a police service buys a ~$100,000 vehicle as
a cruiser, but the Basel police department says that it is actually buying
Model Xs to save money.

Last year, they announced that they are replacing 7 diesel cruisers with 7
Tesla Model X 100Ds.

The police said that the vehicles end up each costing about 49,000 Francs
more than their usual diesel cruiser, but they expect that the Tesla
vehicles will be better long-term investments due to “significantly lower
costs for operation and maintenance and a higher resale value.”

In December, they started receiving the vehicles and converting them to
police patrol vehicles.

Months later, the Basel police department had yet to start using the Tesla
patrol vehicles over some concerns about Tesla’s data security.

They believed that Tesla could track the location of the vehicles and even
record everything that was said inside the vehicles, which they saw as a
problem as part of their police work.

Tesla allows owners to disable location tracking and while the company does
have voice-activated features, it doesn’t record what is being said inside
its vehicles.

It looks like the Basel police got over their concerns and they have now
started deploying the fleet of Tesla Model X police vehicles around town
(Images via Peter Tschanz):

Tesla Model X police vehicle

Telebasel [
] reported that the first police officers have been trained to use the
electric vehicle and they have now 3 Model X patrol cars in operation with 4
more to go into operation by the end of the year – making it the biggest
known fleet of Tesla patrol vehicles.

As we previously stated, Tesla vehicles are becoming strangely popular with
police departments all over the world.

In the US, the Los Angeles Police Department and the Denver Police
Department are both using Model S sedans as part of their fleets.

In Europe, Scotland Yard also says that it’s considering the vehicle and the
Luxembourg Police converted two Model S sedans to patrol cars.

The Ontario Police also show a brand new Model X converted to a police
vehicle and last year, we also reported on a Tesla Model S becoming a sneaky
undercover police car.

Now Tesla’s own backyard of Fremont is also getting a Tesla police patrol
car, which is being tested right now for deployment soon.
[© electrek.co]

Wer findet den Polizei-Tesla zuerst?
27.04.2019  (translate.goog:  From today, the Teslas of the Basel police are
in action. Telebasel is looking for the first reader reporter to get the
electric car in front of the lens.

Now the Basle Police Tesla finally allowed the garage. The privacy advocate
gave editions today green light. For the time being, two of the seven new
electric alarm-patch vehicles will be used. The first converted for the
Basel police Tesla X-100 D had already been delivered in December. Now the
training of police officers has been completed, said the Justice and Police
Department of the Canton of Basel-Stadt (JSD) on Friday.

Of the three Teslas delivered so far, only two will be used from this
weekend. The third vehicle remains as a reserve in the garage. The remaining
four Teslas should arrive in Basel by the end of the year.

Telebasel sports reporter Léon spotted Tesla police at the beginning of
April: (Image: Telebasel)
Jose Sousa was the first Telebasel user to sight the Tesla ...)

+ (RHD right-hand-drive Tesla-3)
Tesla is launching Model 3 RHD next week, starting with the UK
Apr 26, 2019  Over 18 months after first launching Model 3, Tesla is finally
going to bring to market ... Last year, Tesla delivered only 3,372 electric
vehicles in the country ...

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