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Polizei.de crane lifting &removing F150 icing public EVSE> Hooray!

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Tesla owner gets ICE’d by Ford pickup but soon helped by a Police crane
November 11, 2019  Joey Klender

Polizei Berlin @polizeiberlin
Unser #A11 kümmert sich auch um Schwergewichte:
Hätte der große Blaue tatsächlich die Ladesäule angezapft, wäre vermutlich
in den umliegenden Haushalten der Strom ausgefallen.
^tsm (.de 2 .en goog.translate: Our # A11 also takes care of heavyweights:
If the big blue had actually tapped the charging station, the power would
probably have been lost in the surrounding households.)
View image on Twitter
7:29 AM - Nov 9, 2019


A Tesla Model S owner found some relief to charge their vehicle over the
weekend after Police in Berlin, Germany craned a neighboring Ford pickup
truck away after it was found blocking a designated electric vehicle
charging stall.

Polizei Berlin [
] noted on November 9, 2019 via Twitter, they had successfully removed a
blue Ford pickup truck from multiple electric vehicle charging spaces. “Our
#A11 also cares about heavyweights: Had the big blue actually tapped the
charging station, the electricity would probably have been lost in the
surrounding households,” reads the translated tweet.

“ICEing” or the blocking of areas designated for charging have been the
subject of protest from numerous owners of traditional combustion engine
vehicles all around the world. Most recently, members of a group known as
“Cars & Coffee” blocked a series of Tesla Superchargers with their internal
combustion engine (ICE) vehicles in Yorktown, NY in late September. The
group’s leaders issued an apology to Tesla vehicle owners and advised its
members to not block the charging stations reserved for electric vehicles.

Protesting electric vehicles has, unfortunately, been much uglier in the
past. Some ICE vehicle owners choose more long-term forms of vandalism that
end up costing electric car owners and companies money. In the past, there
have been instances of Supercharger cable plugs being destroyed by vandals.
More frequently, people who are against the electric car revolution have
chosen to key Tesla vehicles, without knowing they are being recorded by
Sentry Mode. Fortunately, many of these perpetrators have been caught in the
act and have been forced to be held accountable for their actions.

The continuance of hazing upon electric vehicle owners by ICE drivers has
been going on since the popularity of battery-powered cars has skyrocketed
within the past few years. There are many ways electric car owners are
intimidated, like the actions of a man in Miami, Florida who “rolled coal”
on the owner of a Model 3 Performance. Unfortunately, there does not appear
to be any end in sight to these events.

Electric car popularity is becoming more prevalent every day. Etiquette
regarding the charging of these vehicles is something that should be
maintained throughout the future. Blocking Superchargers is advantageous to
nobody. It will likely end badly for someone, much like it did for the owner
of the blue Ford truck in Berlin.

Ken Bob • 2 hours ago
Those two "before" and "after" photos should be printed out and posted at
every Supercharger next to the "reserved for EVs" sign.

Rob • 5 hours ago
Lets hope this guy has to pay a huge fine to collect his truck.

mrphilbert • 4 hours ago
40 hours of community service cleaning charging stations?

Catbeller • 4 hours ago
Google any right wing site, or listen to Limbaugh and other right wing radio
programs to understand where this is coming from. In the Wingverse, Tesla
are communist cars and part of the climate-change scam.

David Walker  Catbeller • 3 hours ago
I simply can't understand the hate many on the right have towards EVs, which
I've also seen first hand ... This tendency by some to willingly shoot
themselves in the foot over some misguided ideological position is the
height of stupidity.

Joe Real  David Walker • 2 hours ago
Simple. Brainwashed by their leaders and the media who are on the payrolls
of the Koch Brothers and Big Oil.

Jim X • 2 hours ago
An F-150 in Germany? This could easily be Tennessee, or Alabama, or

Scott Z  Jim X • 2 hours ago
Yeah with the gas cost in Europe I must assume this ford owner hates his

Claudio Lai  Scott Z • 34 minutes ago
No, very rich germans dream to be americans... I live in Dusseldorf and in
the richest place i saw a Ram truck one time, needless to say it's a
nightmare to drive around here, in such tiny streets!

MichaelMcKLA • 26 minutes ago
Hooray for the cops!  Great move with the crane.
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