Promoting E V to spread the EV Grin is happening, here is how others do it.

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Promoting E V to spread the EV Grin is happening, here is how others do it.

Dennis Miles
The *New Zealand* *Association for Promotion of Electric Vehicles* is
progressing in a campaign to familiarize others with their preference for
Electric Vehicles, via advertising and group promotional get-togethers
giving familiarity rides and drives to the public.  Their Motto for this
campaign is, *“One Less Fossil on the Road.”*

This list is also in their advertising…

*Consider these non-financial benefits of EVs **è*

* **èGreen marketing for your business – your EV can be a mobile billboard*

* **èPotential to supply electricity during power cuts to your home*

* **èImproved energy security via reduced reliance on imported fuels*

* **èImproved air quality in cities and your neighborhood*

* **èPerformance equal to or better than your current vehicle*

* **èNo more breathing fumes at petrol stations*
Perhaps you might use them talking to others who haven't the EV Grin...
Dennis Lee Miles   (863)944-9913 (call noon to midnight Eastern time)
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Offering a 12 day class Sept. 10 to 22, 2012
in Central Florida. more info on Web;
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