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Proposition for short range EV owners

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Someone local is conducting interviews for a new business model that could help short range EV owners (less than 100 miles range) when they occasionally want to make longer trips and they would prefer to still use EV for those trips.
Her name is Brandi and she will try to interview as many people as possible in the coming 2 weeks.
If you are interested, please send a short note to [hidden email]
And include when you can be contacted and where for a phone/online interview.
Below the original message:

A team at the University of California Santa Cruz is doing research onĀ "Range-based car swapping networks" with a goal to "significantly reduce the cost of electric vehicles". They need to interview owners of short-range electric vehicles in the next few weeks. Please contact Brandi McKuin if you are able to participate (see below).
We received a small grant from the National Science Foundation's lean-startup accelerator, ICORPS. We are trying to interview as many short-range EV owners as we can to understand if our ideas have any overlap with what EV owners need / want. We are interested in collecting demographic, daily driving habits, and car purchasing data. We only have a short time (between 8/10 - 8/23) to collect the data for our project and it would really help our team if you could put us in touch with other EV owners. We aim to make the interview very brief (~15-20 minutes). Ideally, we would like to conduct the interviews in person but could also arrange a web conference. Is this something you could help us with?
Many thanks,

Brandi McKuin
Postdoctoral Employee
Campbell Laboratory
University of California
Santa Cruz

[hidden email]
cell phone: 209.777.9708

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