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Chuck Hays
>From: "Marc Breitman" <[hidden email]>

>The system is probably setup (the motor controller) for 24v only. Same with
>the charger.
>Also..its not really a 24v battery its two 12v batteries so you would have
>to figure out how to mount the extra 12v battery and such.
>Might be easier to start from scratch but i don't know much about the

Might be talkin' out from under my hat here,
but I see quite a few E-Bikes around my
town. If it's the same thing I'm thinking
of, one of the dealers locally told me that
some people put another battery in the
under-seat "trunk" and do some creative
re-wiring. Don't know any more than that,
though. At least there are some hacks out
there for them, which may turn up using
"E-Bike hack" in a search term.


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