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Bob Bath
I'm a bit confused that you have a DCP 450.  Mine is a
1200.  Must be a new model.
The 1200 is _not_ on all the time, especially not at
the beginning of a drive.
It is on at the end (often).  I brought up the fact
that turning off the power to the car shuts off the
cooling fan on the controller.  He says it is not a
big deal.

--- Michael Mohlere <[hidden email]> wrote:

> Is the cooling fan in this controller activated by
> some kind of temperature
> sensor, or is it supposed to be on all the time?
> Obviously, mine is not on
> all the time, and I have been having some
> intermittent "creep mode"
> problems....suspecting the fan may be bad.
> Thx, Mike
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