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Mark Grasser


Don't use the scrap tranny to measure, use the good one you will be useing.
Oh, I get it, it's still in the car. :-)

Aluminum plate is always available. You need to tell me how thick. No I
don't have a lathe, used to have a really nice Monarch tool makers lathe. If
this goes anywhere I will need to get another one.

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Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 14:59:40 +0100
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Mark Grasser wrote:
> I've never done anything less then perfect, well ok, I try to make things
> perfect. So yes, I will be making quality product. The experimental costs?
> As long as I don't lose money on material, tools and electricity on the
> first few, maybe enough profit to buy a sandwich and a beer while I watch
> work, I'll be ok. Send me a drawing to quote.
> Mark Grasser
I like that attitude :)
I'm gathering data on motors and haven't found a scrap tranny I can
measure on so I'm not yet at the drawing stage but if I bitch slap my
procrastination I might be ready when your machine is. these adapter
plates are often made from thick alu plate. do you have that available?
do you have lathe and such for making axle coupling too?

you wouldn't happen to be into casting too?



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