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fred ungewitter
The body of the site suggests that the cost would be about US$100 to build from parts, depending on what you have in your collection of stuff.


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From: Lawrence Rhodes <[hidden email]>
Subject: [EVDL] OT soldering tabs on NiMH batteries

I finally got my GP sub c cells but I blew the soldering of the tabs.  I should
have bought pigtailed batteries.  I shorted one battery and had to take the pack
apart quickly.  Luckily none of the other solder joints shorted. I shorted one
cell on the + side with the case.  Luckily I finally knocked the offending piece
of metal or solder away.  It was pretty much carbonized.  The cell was very hot
but it's still at 1.27vdc.  Amazing as I thought a dead short would croak it. 
Now I'll have to figure a way to charge it so when I put the pack back together 
it won't be the dog.  I used a propane torch and got a little carried away.  My
soldering iron with temp control just isn't hot enough to solder the tabs but
the blow torch works quick but maybe some slag jumped down and when I pushed the
pack back in plastic housing the short happened. The torch throws flame on the
insulators and burns them.  Is there a  better  way to quickly heat up the
joint?  I'm already coating the surface of the tab & battery with solder but the
battery is such a good heat sink my iron is no match. I'm getting bad solder
joints on the battery part.   Maybe I need a new tip.  I have the type with
screw on tips.  Lawrence Rhodes......

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