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I'm using the Lithiumate Pro, vintage about 2010. Once the firmware was updated the system works very well. There are small PCBs which monitor each cell voltage and temperature. The cell boards are mounted directly to one of the cell terminals, giving good temperature monitoring contact. Each cell board also has a top balancing bypass resistor which is switched in and out of circuit as the master determines it is necessary. High power balancing resistors are also available if you need to bypass more current than the cell board can handle. My 100 CALB cells are grouped in 10 banks of 10. This requires 10 four conductor cables from the master, making interconnect wiring reasonably clean. The cell boards connect in a series string with a single conductor. The tricky part is to get the single wire routed to minimize loop area to prevent noise issues. The master has both analog and digital as well as CAN interfaces, giving you many ways to interface to the charger and controller or invert
 er. It has CAN protocol messaging already installed for many of the popular chargers and inverters. There is a file of PIDs available as well so that you can set up Torque or similar OBDII display apps on tablets and cell phones to monitor the pack with a bluetooth dongle plugged into the car interface connector, instead of using a PC with a serial interface.


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From: Philip Rash <[hidden email]>
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Subject: [EVDL] BMS recommendation/ experiences?
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Hello, I've been driving my Dakota truck EV conversion for over 7 years,
and finally pulled the plug & bought a lithium battery pack. (46 CALB
cells, which should arrive this week!). Now I'm looking at BMS's, and am
curious if anyone has any experience with the Thunderstruck BMS? ( ). Positive/ negative experiences from
anyone who's used it would be appreciated; I'm also considering Lithiumate
or Orion, but those seem quite a bit pricier. Thanks!

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