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Yeah but the problem with the Route de Sol Van is that right now it's
stuck in Mexico, having gone from Alaska, south through Canada, and the
continental US. They hit some high winds and it tore the solar panels
off and did a lot of damage. And the panels are their primary source of
energy. They can plug in also, but they usually refuel with photons.

I'm trying to get them to post on the SEVA Seattle EV Association list
so that our members could help them. With COVID, they can't seem to get
parts accross the border.


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>>> Not if I had a Tesla. But I don't. Has anyone ever driven a Leaf
>> coast-to-coast? I rather doubt
>>> it... it would take a month!
>> It wouldn't surprise me.  I seem to remember someone driving a converted
>> VW microbus coast-to-coast 30-40 years ago, and it had far less than 100
>> miles range.
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> Of course you could drive on locally produced electrons from Alaska to
> Agentina (sunshine).  Who needs a plug?
> Phil H.
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With hope,

Tim Economu
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