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I will throw my story into this discussion.   I have had small cars my whole life.  I loved the Geo Metro because it is has a higher MPG and thus more efficient.  I was all set to buy a Bolt when my wife and I were getting ready to buy our first EV.  She changed my mind with a couple key points.  
1. Unlike all other major manufacturers, Tesla only produces EVs. So they are putting everything they have into the EV revolution.  Other car manufacturers are generally putting in a fraction of their intention behind EVs.  So do I want to give my money to a company that truly believes in EVs or a company that will support them if they make money on it?  I chose to vote with my dollars for EVs.2.  The Tesla charging network is great.  We travel extensively for work so we needed a car that we didn't have to worry about where or when we could find an EVSE.  I just finished a trip from VA to NYC in  the Tesla and it was so easy and relaxing.  Autopilot lets you just relax and look around, even in cities because the autonavigate tells you when to turn to get to where you are going. 3.  My wife didn't clue into this one but full self driving will soon be a total game changer.  Tesla is the closest to having FSD everywhere because of the massive amount of data they are receiving from the existing fleet of Teslas.   I would bet within 2 years they will be at level 5.  Of course, regulation will take as long as it takes so maybe that is another 3 years.  However, soon I will be able to send my car out to make money for me when I am not using it.  People in cities will soon be able to finance their Tesla and send it out to have it pay for itself and then summon the car when they need to use it.  4. It is the only car that gets better the longer you have it.  Over the air updates are just really cool and I look forward to every one.  I get to watch the process of the FSD as it gets better and better. The next big step will be to allow the car to make turns by itself.  They already have the technology but they are working on all the edge cases.  Reality has a LOT of edge cases.  5.  It puts a smile on my face every time I get into it.  Priceless.
It was more money than I have ever paid for a car but it was worth it.   

On 7/11/20 11:22 AM, Lee Hart via EV wrote:

> The last time I took our Leaf to the local Nissan dealer, the charging
> spot was ICE'd with the dealer's cars. When I asked if I could charge,
> they said, "No, we don't sell Leafs". Never mind that I bought my Leaf
> from them in 2013.

I bought a Leaf from a dealer in 2011.  Of course, at that time, dealers
were by passed in the sales process.  The worst the dealer ever did to
me is attempt to charge me for an oil change.  That is a very common
Leaf story in this area.  I shudder to think of all the ICE models that
have been charged for dealer oil changes and not received them.  Makes
for more dealer repair work down the line.  Of course, their J1772
charge stations were almost always ICEd.

The bottom line is that, generally, ICE dealers do not want your EV
business.  That's a major reason Tesla adopted the direct sales model.
Tesla treats customers fairly and very well.

I personally feel/hope that legacy ICE manufacturers and their dealers
will disappear in coming years.  The dealer model would be a major
cause.  With the current dealer model, the dealers can not survive
selling reliable and maintenance free cars.  They must make their money
repairing unreliable broken cars and doing the routine tuneups, oil
changes, software updates, etc.

I urge you to monitor Tesla developments with an eye to fitting one into
your budget.  Aside from the perceived high prices, all other EVs pale
in comparison.

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