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>> Duck's back curve that is developing in California.
>> in spring/fall does go negative in the middle of the day:
) real-and-bigger-than-expected#gs.4kJv=1w

> March yes, but not in the summer...
> Not for a very long time anyway...
> we're a long ways from carrying the AC load with solar.

My concern is  your implication of "a very long time" till that happens.
I think you will be surprised.  Notice that the total grid demand during
the day has dropped by 33% just in the 4 years from 2012 to 2016 and the
rate of solar adoption is growing exponentially.

To me, that is *not* a "very long time"..  For my 70 years, time passes
very fast.  Just in the last 5 years, I cannot believe I have lived long
enough to see the cost of solar to be 1% of what it was in my college days
and now HALF the cost from the utility and the cost of the average EV now
cheaper by almost $7000 than the average gas car...

Yet people still cling to the old beliefs "EVs are too expensive" and
Solar is the future.  No, we are ten years into that future, and it is
here now.  And the trend is obvious...  DAY will become the new night as
far as cheap power is concerned.

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