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 I see similar attitudes of resistance to change working for USPS as their commissioning agent for retrofitting HVAC projects.  The engineers design the same systems they had before, just slightly more efficient.  They could totally insulate the buildings, seal all the leaks, use heat recovery units to bring in fresh air without wasting energy and save Thousands every year or even every month on the bigger projects but that would be TOO MUCH CHANGE.  
Lawrence Rhodes via EV wrote:
>  I was around when a pilot EV program in Alameda was scrapped because the postal workers wouldn't plug in the vehicles. They all died in a week. That's one story. We dismantled the chargers. Vans were auctioned off. Here is the result:

It's a common story. USPS has donem many EV trials over the years. In
most cases, the workers "sabatoged" the programs one way or another.

I got my ComutaVan due to a failed USPS trial in Indiana in 1980. Some
friends and I bought four of them from a scrapyard; all basically new
(less than 2000 miles on them), but deliberately disabled in various ways.

My dad was a mail carrier, so I also had his "take" on it. The union
management was vehemently opposed to EVs, and the national newsletter
full of vitriol about them. So USPS management basically rammed the EV
trials down their throats. This created a hostile situation, where the
workers *wanted* them to fail, to "show the bosses that they can't push
us around".

In the few cases where management *did* get a buy-in from the workers,
the trials went much better. But the problems of short range and higher
cost for the vehicles still made it an uphill battle.

Lee Hart

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