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Re: older batteries final charge voltage

>There should be a WEB site on the battery maintenance and charging rates on
>the type of battery you want.

The editable website (aka wiki) for this is at
You might be particularly interested since you're one of the main
I've been skimming off the best sounding advice of the evdl and putting
it up for about 5 months now.
Pls feel free to add and edit it.

near the middle youll find
Specific Batteries and Charging Regimens
Charging Lead Acid in general
Charging Flooded Lead Acid
Resting Voltage
Charging tips for lead-acid batts
Charging Deka NLG5 [with Brusa charger]
Charging Yellow-Tops
Charging T-145's
Charging USBMCs
Charging Optimas
Final charging step for Optimas
Charging Li-Ion
Charging Kokam Li-ion
Rudman LionTamer Regulator
Charging NiCads
Charging SAFT NiCads

Jeremy Rutman

For subscription options, see