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Rudman regs assistance

David Beard
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Working on a zenn (nev) with 6 brand new optima blue tops (dual post marine). Original discover batts died in less than 6 months of use (I believe due to poor connections and no balancing).

So bought optimas, and MK-3 Rudman regs from Manzanita Micro, along with associated hardware (dongle terminator, rrob board)

Wired as instructed, checked and rechecked all connections and crimps on terminals (firm tugs do not pull terminals off of the wires) all  wiring has continuity and when connected voltage.

The regs seem to work as described while charging as far as I can tell from the LED lighting sequences and such....but when I connect to the laptop....well....computers are not my strongest skill set.

My problem seems to be in communications, I cannot communicate with the regs. To keep it simple I have only the regs, dongle terminator, and my laptop connected at this point...if I can get past here I will try the rrob board to the charger.

Right now I am stumped...this is supposed to be simple! Any offers of assistance would be appreciated.

I have installed the MK#3 regscanner software and usb software for the dongle terminator. I can walk through the software instructions but when i do what i am told I get ERR message....