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Shut-offs, genset-etiquette > don't shoot the utility-workers

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Across the Bay Area, generator etiquette and other lessons of the PG&E power
Nov 1, 2019 ... Generators can keep appliances running with extension chords
but do not by themselves light up entire houses. Even with a generator ...
cable tv services did not work ...  One of the fires, which destroyed a ...
club in Lafayette, appears to have been started by a downed Pacific Gas &
Electric line ...
Storms knock out power, down trees on East Coast
Electric utilities across Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine were busy
restoring service ... Trees were toppled on Thursday in ...
PG&E Asks Customers Frustrated By Power Shutoffs Not To Target Its Employees
Filed Under:Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Public Safety Power Shutoff
(CNN ... “One was assaulted after being cornered in ...
 ...  "Don't shoot the piano player, he's doing his best" ...

 (cut-down trees near poles, underground power, micro-grids, +)
Llewellyn King: How California utilities can prevent destructive wildfires
2019-11-02  In January the Edison Electric Institute, a Washington-based
trade association ... a perfect fire storm in California could happen in
states from Illinois to Louisiana, and from Virginia to Oregon ...

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