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Hi Dave etc;


I bought a 15’ Chevy Spark in 16’ about ½ price $14K, towed it back from Md
with a Tow Dolly.  I love the small car, peppy, tight steering radius.  Only
thing I had to modify was clipping the black wire inside the steering column
that connected the horn to the vehicle computer – rewired to horn relay
(would blow the horn at goofy times – like following the Hells Angels down
the Freeway – not cool). Actually, just honk when plugging in charger or
when I got in the car without the key etc.  How about a Smart Car EV?  That
was my 1st choice but they only had half a warranty (50K miles) since it was
half a car J and wanted me to “lease” the batteries a couple years ago.
Hopefully Smart is trying to sell better nowadays but *no* Mercedes dealer
in Roanoke VA would have anything to do with Smart EV (low profit margin).
I like something small that doesn’t take up much space in the garage also.
I have a Leaf 13’ my son drives but that sits outside next to the Prius.




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On 7/11/20 6:53 PM, EVDL Administrator via EV wrote:


> Still, I'd consider a Tesla -- IF they'd build a car that suited my needs.

> The problem is, I don't need a large or midsize car.  I don't want a

> sedan or an SUV.  And right now, that's what Tesla makes.


> What I'd look at is a subcompact (B-class size) hatchback Tesla. I

> can't believe that I'm the only one.


What you describe is close to an imiev.  Did you consider one when they were
available?  Likely, you would have considered the initial, ~$30k, pricing
too high.  I did.  So, I became a bottom feeder even after I bought my first
Tesla.  After Mitsubishi decided they couldn't sell the imiev profitably in
the USA, they cleared out the stock.  It took many dealers that had been
pushing imievs two years to get everything sold.

Two year old but new 2014s were offered for around $15k BEFORE income tax
credit.  Net cost, $10k or below.  I think my 2nd imiev was near $8k after
tax credit.  Did you shop for imievs at that time?  That would have been


Mitsubishi dealers in the more major Texas metropolitan areas got behind the
imiev and ordered generous stocks.  It seems to their detriment.  My near by
Austin dealers did not.  I ended up buying my first imiev out of the Dallas
area.  And was pleasured with the adventure of tow charging it home.  A year
later, an even better deal appeared in Houston.  Again, had to tow charge it


But, for whatever reason, the imiev was a failure in the market.

Probably not enough demand at the asked for price.


We seem to have the same situation developing with Bolts.  A not compelling
enough car not selling well enough and being offered at steep discounts.


What you ask of Tesla is to abandon their profitable market and chase one
that has seemed unprofitable.  Tesla buyers find the product compelling and
are eager to see the Tesla company survive and thrive.

Therefore, they don't wait for "close out" pricing.  Tesla production
capacity is rapidly rising as a result of previous profitable sales.  As
that capacity rises, along with their production efficiency, they will be
forced to start chasing the lower end of the market.  That has been their
stated game plan all along.  If you are not willing to support Tesla by
buying current products, be patient.  They will get around to you.





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