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Soft-soap, apple-polishing> Koch anti-EV $M spent differently

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% Recently, the disruptive (non-EV) troll that is allowed on the evdl posted
I should filter what I post.

For those that do not know, multiple times a day, I manually wade through
searches for EV items EVangels may need to know and evdl readers might enjoy
reading. This should be only taken on by the EVangel with a strong will (and
thick skin) as amongst the cesspool of garbage items the Koch Bros have paid
the media outlets to release, you have to hold your nose to find the few
tolerable items I find and post.

Though I am not keen on censoring/blocking what EVangels get, in a sense, I
am already filtering what I post
 (avoiding the turds and Koch $pew

Note: since the new year, there have been few auto shows for the media to
attend, so there has been a slow down on released EV news items. Also, what
EVs attend these show, leads to media reports of EVs the public can not get
the hands on (yet, in 2020, concepts, and other vw-pr wishful-thinking
inve$tment trolling).

At the beginning of last year, Koch dollar$ were pumping out blatant anti-EV
media releases.
The times have changed to a more soft-soap sell method with an
apple-polishing approach to writing in a style that still leaves the public
uninformed, but with a feeling the author has the public's back/concerns in
mind (its differently styled B.S.).

Below I have placed only a few of incredible amount of unworthy items I come
across. I normally do not post these as they do not seem worthy of your
time. But because that is filtering, I thought it would be wise to offer
these as a (smelly) sample, and let you decide ...

blatant anti-ev
Taxing the Poor to Pay for Your Electric Car
January 28, 2019  Electric Vehicles are hip and happening. Media reports
gush over auto manufacturer plans to transition their fleets to EV
production in an alleged response to ...
OPINION: Does the electric vehicle have staying power?
January 23, 2019  Much is discussed about the efficiency and low operating
cost advantages that electric vehicles enjoy over their gasoline
counterparts. One factor rarely ...!/fileImage/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_804/pix.jpg
Are Electric Cars Only for the Rich? Sacramento Is Challenging That ...
Jan. 24, 2019  “Electric vehicles are for the rich. It's not for us,” said
Mike Bokan, who owns an auto-repair shop on Franklin Boulevard, explaining a
prevailing attitude ...
The Balancing Act: Misleading the public about electric vehicles
2019-01-28  Leftist (socialist) public policy is attempting to push electric
vehicles on consumers. They (Environmental Protection Agency and California
Air Resources Board) ...

(baloney, Leberkäse, Griebenschmalz)
So Many Teslas, So Few Buyers
1/28  California drivers say they are actually disincentivized to buy
electric vehicles like Teslas due to state carpool laws ...

Are electric cars worse for the environment
January 21, 2019  Electric vehicle subsidies and mandates share an
unfortunate, and all too common trait with other government policies:

semi-hidden dis-informational
Do Americans care about electric cars?
20190120  DETROIT — Automakers have promised to start selling hordes of
electric cars in the next few years, but only two were to be unveiled at the
big Detroit auto show ...
Have Automakers Grossly Miscalculated Electric Vehicle Demand?
January 30, 2019  Right now, every major automaker is sinking huge amounts
of money into developing and producing battery-electric cars, having already
announced their plans ...
Electric vehicle study misfires on Canada
Jan 19, 2019  A new research study paints a rather misleading picture of
Canada's adoption of electric vehicles, using data that are essentially
correct but portrayed to grab ...
Generation Z Turns its Collective Back on Electric Cars
1/20  Increased advertising exposure on behalf of electric vehicles should
lead to better sales numbers. If more ads mean more electric cars on the
road infrastructure ...
[image  gm/baojun e-100]
Buick, Chevrolet and Cadillac all want in on electric cars
2019-01-20  DETROIT — General Motors' volume brands, Buick and Chevrolet,
will offer U.S. consumers more all-electric vehicles in the future even as
GM declares its ...
Only Two Electric Cars Premiered At Detroit Auto Show
1/18  Claims by environmental groups that electric cars would soon be flying
off the shelves seem to have missed a key player in ma...

[dated, but reposted/revalidated on 2019-02-02 - so it shows up again]
The $6 Trillion Barrier Holding Electric Cars Back
November 4, 2018  Wouldn’t it be great if we could all drive without
dirtying the air we breathe? Alas, not everyone can afford an electric car.
The good news is the death of the internal combustion engine is nearing a...
Do Tesla Supercharging rates cost more than gas?
Jan. 26, 2019  The electric-vehicle maker, headed by chief executive Elon
Musk, announced a significant rise in its Supercharging station rates, just
as gas prices have tumbled ..
The 4 Lingering Obstacles To Electric Vehicle Adoption (And What Might
Overcome Them)
Jan 27, 2019  Electric vehicles continue to grow in popularity, though not
as quickly as electricity providers would like. EVs represented only 2.4
percent of sales in the U.S. in ...
10 cities where buying an electric car may not be worth it
Electric cars are going to be a major part of our automotive future. Not
only are they better for the environment due to thei...
The 10 US cities where you save the most money by driving an electric car
Jan. 25, 2019  It seems pretty clear that electric cars are going to be a
major part of our automotive future. However, the financial benefi...

Cold being used as a reason not to drive an EV
Five misconceptions about driving an electric car in winter
January 19, 2019  Five misconceptions about driving an electric car in
winter ... StarPhoenix reporter Erin Petrow spoke with electric vehicle
owners and advocates with SaskEV, ..
Tesla Model 3 Owners Vent About Polar Vortex Affecting Cars
February 2, 2019  The next time a polar vortex rips through the U.S.,
electric vehicle owners should be prepared to be frustrated if they don't
take special care of their ...

ice vs EVs (is this topic angering truckers to ice/block EVSE?)
Real Rivalry Between Electric And Gasoline Vehicles Will Begin In 5 Years
January 27, 2019  The main barrier to mass use of electric cars is their
high cost, which should disappear by 2024, analysts suppose. When the price
balance between EVs and ...

confusing - public left not knowing what to think ...
Killers Of The Electric Car And EcoTerrorists Are Trying To Kill Bitcoin
February 2, 2019  If you think Tesla is the first and fab electric car to
come out then think again because breakthroughs usually fail at first. Tesla
is good timing and pleasing ...

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