SporTran,Proterra Deploy Louisiana’s 1st e-Buses in Shreveport-LA

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SporTran,Proterra Deploy Louisiana’s 1st e-Buses in Shreveport-LA

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SporTran and Proterra Deploy Louisiana’s First Battery-Electric Buses in
Nov 10, 2017  Proterra

Proterra has announced that SporTran has deployed Louisiana’s first fleet of
zero-emission, battery-electric buses in Shreveport. The five Proterra 40’
Catalyst E2 buses will go into service this month, and serve Louisiana’s
third-largest city. This milestone marks the combined commitment and
foresight of SporTran and Shreveport in being the first city in the state to
purchase battery-electric buses, paving the way for other public transit
agencies to follow suit and recognize the economic, environmental and
operations benefits. To mark this achievement, SporTran, Proterra and senior
government officials came together today with Louisiana Governor John Bel
Edwards to commemorate the deployment of the new electric buses and the
debut of new transit stations and infrastructure.

“In the wake of a devastating hurricane season for surrounding communities,
we’re reminded by our long-term mission to sustainably serve Shreveport and
our neighbors,” said Dinero Washington, CEO at SporTran. “This means
providing reliable and safe transit for all. It also means providing
innovative and cost-saving solutions that ensure clean, reliable transit
today and for years to come. We’re proud to partner with Proterra and
introduce these new zero-emission buses into our fleet.”

In 2016, SporTran won the Federal Transit Administration’s Low or
No-Emission Vehicle Deployment Grant, which funded the five electric buses,
three depot chargers and an on-route fast charger. By replacing its diesel
buses, SporTran estimates that the new Proterra Catalyst buses will save
more than $2.2 million on maintenance and fuel, over the lifetime of the
five vehicles. As a result, SporTran will re-invest the savings into
Shreveport’s transportation system with the goal of improving bus routes,
technology and rider experience.

Designed for efficiency and manufactured for durability, Proterra’s 40’
Catalyst E2 series gets 22 MPGe, while conventional diesel buses average
3.86 MPG. And unlike the industry’s widely-used steel bus frames, Proterra’s
lightweight carbon-fiber reinforced composite bus body maximizes vehicle
life, while minimizing repairs and maintenance.  These buses will utilize
Combined Charge Standard (CCS) plug-in DC Fast Chargers, enabling multiple
types and brands of EV cars, trucks and buses to potentially share the same
charging equipment and lower infrastructure costs for all electric vehicles.
Over the 12-year lifetime of the five Proterra zero-emission buses, SporTran
will avoid more than 18 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions.

“We are proud to partner with SporTran, an innovative transit agency that
continues to raise the transit bar for its passengers and community alike.
We look forward to helping SporTran speed into a cleaner, healthier future
for all, by providing a model for zero-emission transit,” said Ryan Popple,
CEO, Proterra.
Proterra in Louisiana and in California
November 10, 2017 - Five 40-Foot Catalyst E2 Buses for Shreveport's
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Louisiana, Proterra said this week. ... the San Jose airport “marks
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