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% Don't let Richard Hammond drive&crash a Tesla %

Jeremy Clarkson reveals Tesla will feature in The Grand Tour season 2 ten
years after libel case
28th November 2017  James Gill


The wreckage of the Rimac One supercar following Richard Hammond’s crash
while filming in Switzerland for The Grand Tour season 2 (Amazon)

video  dated
NEWSNIGHT: What Tesla boss Elon Musk thinks about Jeremy Clarkson
Oct 24, 2013 - Uploaded by BBC Newsnight
Electric car company Tesla recently lost a case against Top Gear over the
programme's representation of one ...

Jeremy Clarkson said it was time to "revisit" the electric car company
following his infamous 2008 Top Gear review which resulted in a three-year
legal battle

Electric car company Tesla will appear in the second series of The Grand
Tour, almost ten years after Jeremy Clarkson’s infamous Top Gear Tesla car
review that resulted in a three-year legal battle.

Tesla attempted to sue the BBC show for libel following Clarkson’s Top Gear
film on the Tesla Roadster in 2008. A UK court of appeal eventually ruled in
2013 that the film did not damage Tesla’s reputation ...

Now, however, Clarkson has revealed that his Amazon series will feature a
new Tesla car, with The Grand Tour presenter saying it was time to “revisit”
what the company has been getting up to.

“We have got a Tesla in this series, the first one for a long time,”
Clarkson said, adding, “We got it by ‘other means’. We didn’t borrow it from

Referring to the libel case and subsequent appeal, he said, “You know they
sued and lost, then appealed and lost that again? The courts found in our
favour. I did a very fair and honest – cruel, but honest – report on how
terrible that first Tesla was.

“Since then they’ve changed a lot, so we thought it was time to revisit and
see where they are now. And in many ways it’s extremely impressive that new

In 2013, Tesla CEO Elon Musk told BBC Newsnight that Tesla was “in the worst
possible position for someone like Clarkson”.

“Clarkson’s show is much more about entertainment than it is about truth,”
he said. “I think most people realise that but not everyone. I’ve actually
enjoyed a lot of his shows. It’s not as though I just hate Top Gear or
anything. He can be very funny and irreverent. But he does have a strong
bias against electric cars.

“His two pet peeves are American cars and electric cars, and we’re an
American electric car. We’re in the worst possible situation for someone
like Clarkson.”

A Tesla car did feature on Top Gear following the 2008 review, although only
after Clarkson had left the BBC for Amazon. New Top Gear presenter Rory Reid
drove the Tesla Model X for a BBC Top Gear film in 2016.

Clarkson explained that no motor company refused him a car for The Grand
Tour series two.

“Not this series,” Clarkson said. “It used to happen 20 years ago, and then
people realised that what we do is good for ‘the car’ as a whole. If you
take away us and Top Gear, there’s nobody actually fighting the car’s
corner. It’s all just Gary Lineker and his mates on Twitter – ‘Isn’t cycling
great? Shouldn’t we all be on the bus? Isn’t the air dirty?’ Nobody’s going,
‘But cars are great.’”

Meanwhile, Richard Hammond’s crash in the all-electric Rimac Concept One
supercar is set to feature in the opening episode of The Grand Tour series

Hammond told the new issue of Radio Times that he hoped his family would not
watch the segment.

“It was pretty horrible for me to watch it back,” Hammond said. “I wanted to
reach into the screen and stop myself being there, because I knew what was
coming. I genuinely didn’t like it, and I don’t think (wife) Mindy or the
girls should see it.”
[© Immediate Media 2017]

The grand tour season 2 to feature tesla electric car: jeremy clarkson ...
28th November 2017 - Uploaded by Popular News
Jeremy Clarkson said it was time to "revisit" the electric car company
following his infamous 2008 Top Gear ...

Elon Musk Exposes Corrupt Top Gear (BBC) Jeremy ... 3:14
Jul 31, 2017 - Uploaded by EX0MATRlXTV
credits video: Leonard Neuhoff http://goo.gl/GpQhMb Top 500 Alternative
Media Rankings: http://whynotnews ...
The Grand Tour 2 Seasons 2017
Jeremy Clarkson reveals why he loves and hates Ferrari and Tesla
Nov. 30, 2016

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