Tesla EVs burn @new store in Malmö, Sweden

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Tesla EVs burn @new store in Malmö, Sweden

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'there's no doubt that if an EV catches a battery fire can be extremely
dangerous and burns strong ... a garage full of electric vehicles, a fire
can get out of hand fast'

% And when a garage full of fuel vehicles catches fire, those 'don't' get
out of hand fast? %

Tesla’s new store in Sweden caught on fire
Dec. 14th 2017  Fred Lambert

[images  / Patrick Persson



Tesla just opened a new store and service center in Malmö, Sweden – just
outside of Copenhagen, Denmark – and the building caught on fire today.

An alarm started at 20.24 local time this evening.

The local fire department arrived to find smoke coming out of the building
and the interior being visibly in flames, according to local media outlets [

Joel Johansson, Internal Commander of the Rescue Service, told the media:

    “There has been a strong fire. It has burned in one of their service
rooms and it seems that some cars inside have burned, “

Sydsvenskan photographer Patrick Persson took pictures of the firefighters
trying to stop the building from burning down ...

They said that the cause is unknown at this point. The fire is still ongoing
at the time of writing.

Electrek’s Take

There’s nothing indicating yet that the vehicles started the fire, but that
some vehicles did burn, according to the fire department.

There’s a lot of talk about electric vehicle fires even though there’s no
statistics showing that they catch on fire any more frequently than
gas-powered cars.

But there’s no doubt that if an EV catches on fire, a battery fire can be
extremely dangerous and burns strong. We recently reported on an impressive
firefighting operation after a high-speed crash in a Model S [

In a garage full of electric vehicles, a fire can get out of hand fast.

For example, when a Gruber Industries garage full of Tesla Roadsters [
] caught fire earlier this year, it went down fast and all cars were lost.

Hopefully, the building is not destroyed and they can open the location
soon. It apparently opened just last week.
[© electrek.co]

Police probe fire at new Tesla building in Malmö
15 December 2017  “Cars sitting in the service room and showroom suffered
smoke damage,” Joel Johansson from the emergency services in the south of
Sweden told news agency TT. Tesla only opened the new service centre's doors
to the public on Thursday ... The Tesla building in Malmö ...
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