Tesla-S survives ice-killer unscathed> LA-CA EV mounted sideways

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Tesla-S survives ice-killer unscathed> LA-CA EV mounted sideways

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% ? What would an auton EV done: Stop& not hit either ?
  ? Ok to hit EV to save animal ? %

Tesla Model S survives ‘one in a million’ traffic accident virtually
January 4, 2019  Simon Alvarez

 / Beverly Hills Police Dept/Instagram

bhpd_90210  Beverly Hills, California
bhpd_90210  But how you ask? Great question! The driver of the Subaru
“swerved to avoid a fox or a dog.” Oh by the way, the Tesla window did not
even break ...

It is no secret that Teslas are among the safest vehicles on the road today.
Being constructed from a hybrid of aluminum and ultra-high strength steel,
Tesla’s electric cars can take a beating. Thanks to their all-electric
design, the vehicles also feature generous crush zones to protect its
passengers in the event of an accident. Sometimes, though, Teslas get
involved in traffic incidents that are so unusual, they have to be seen to
be believed.

Take this particular accident shared by the Beverly Hills Police Department
on their Instagram account, for example. Before 2018 ended, the BHPD
uploaded an image that pretty much looked almost like it was photoshopped.
The image featured the aftermath of an incident involving a Subaru SUV
crashing into a parked Tesla Model S. According to the BHPD, they were
informed that the driver of the Subaru swerved to avoid an animal on the
road, which caused the SUV to skid and almost roll over. Unfortunately for
the Tesla, it was parked on the path of the SUV.  
[© teslarati.com]

A Subaru Outback Somehow Mounted A Tesla Model S In LA ...
January 1, 2019 - However, we're inclined to believe that they're real since
they were released by the Beverly Hills Police Department and it is far too
early for an ...

Wild & Crazy: Subaru Parks On Top Of Tesla Model S
Dec 31, 2018  What in the heck happened here? It seems the Subaru driver
thought the top of a Tesla Model S was the perfect place to park. Wow! It’s
like a perfect balancing act gone both right and wrong. It’s right because
the Subaru seems to be holding steady in place, but wrong because it’s on
top of the Tesla ...

Overheated e-cigarette battery causes small fire on flight
Jan 5, 2019  HICAGO — American Airlines says a passenger’s electronic
cigarette caused a small fire on a flight from Las Vegas to Chicago ...
e-cigarette’s battery overheated ... after Flight 168 landed Friday night
... flight attendants stamped out the fire. No one was injured ...

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