Tesla-X torque& human’s reaction> short acceleration escape from being rear-ended (v)

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Tesla-X torque& human’s reaction> short acceleration escape from being rear-ended (v)

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% In video: look in the lane on the right & ahead by three vehicles. When you hear the Tesla-X's tire screech, see the silver EV lurch/jump forward enough to keep from being rear ended %

Watch a Tesla owner escape a crash thanks to his Model X’s instant torque and great reaction time
Mar. 19th 2017  Fred Lambert


Accident video
Maaz Jilani Mar 8, 2017
Accident video for insurance.

The instant torque of electric vehicles is not only great because it’s fun, but it can also be safer if you know how to use it. The most common example is when overtaking a vehicle on the highway, but if you have a quick reaction time, it can also move you away from an impending crash.

We witnessed a great example last year when Jason Hughes managed to escape being rear-ended with his Model P85D by wisely using the instant torque [

In similar though less fortunate situation since it did end up in a crash – just not for the Tesla, another Tesla owner used his vehicle’s instant torque in order to avoid having to bring the car to the body shop.

Maaz Jilani was driving his Model X on the highway with the Autopilot disengaged when an SUV two cars behind him rear-ended a sedan which in turn rear-ended the car behind his Model X and that is when he pressed the accelerator – tire screeching – and barely escaped being in turn rear-ended.

The accident was captured by the dashcam of another vehicle and he shared it on Youtube:

While Jilani’s quick reaction time certainly made this possible, it’s not clear if it would have been possible without the Model X’s instant torque since it looks like the car was really inches away from the rear bumper of the all-electric SUV by the time he started accelerating.

The 3-car fender bender almost turned into a 4-car fender bender.
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Watch this Tesla escape a rear end collision thanks to its ...
Nov 18, 2016 - A Tesla owner credits the car's fast acceleration in preventing a rear end collision.

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